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Libya’s Oil… an International Bet Between Moscow and Washington




Libyan oil field (Archives/AP)

Threats to close Libyan oil worry the United States, which is pressuring producing countries to increase their exports to cover its ban on Russian imports
It is in Moscow’s interest to disrupt Libyan oil exports to thwart Washington’s efforts to block Russian oil

Libya is about to turn into a small stone in a major international conflict between Russia and Western countries, which was sparked by Ukraine, but many countries were affected by the fragments of the war, albeit in multiple forms.

After the United States of America imposed a ban on Russian oil imports to its lands, on March 9, due to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, oil prices have exploded in an unprecedented way since 2008, reaching about 140 dollars per barrel.

Washington sought to extinguish the flames of raging oil prices by resorting to its allies and oil-producing partners, and even its staunch enemies, such as Venezuela, which has the largest oil reserves in the world, and whose oil production has been reduced by US sanctions.

Libya is not far from this conflict, especially since it has the largest oil reserves in Africa, and its production has risen to more than 1.1 million barrels per day, especially after the formation of the unity government in 2021, which made the country the second in Africa and the first in the Mediterranean basin in the production and export of oil. , superior to both Angola and Algeria.

However, the return of the division to Libya, and the threat of a number of local parties to halt the production and export of oil in a number of oil fields and ports, threatens the strategic interests of the United States and its European allies, but in return, it serves the interests of Russia, which is militarily present through the Wagner Security Company.

This conflict in the interests of the major countries may fuel conflicts between Libyans, especially with the rise in oil prices and the influx of unprecedented incomes into the country, which has a population of only 7 million, while two governments are battling for power and influence.

Oil crisis on the horizon

Threats to shut down Libyan oil re-entered the arena of political bidding, after residents in the Oil Crescent region (north-central) threatened, on March 11, to close the export ports, if the national unity government continues, and the parallel government does not take over the power.

Oil exports from the four oil crescent ports (Al-Sidra, Ras Lanuf, Brega and Zueitina) represent more than 60 percent of the country’s total exports.

But the most dangerous thing is the announcement by the Libyan National Oil Corporation, on March 6, that it lost about 330,000 barrels per day, due to the closure of the El Sharara and El Feel fields, located in the far southwest.

However, this closure took place at the level of the crude oil pumping valves in the Al-Rayyan area, in the Zintan governorate.

Where crude oil is transported from the El Sharara and El Feel fields, passing through the Western Mountain (Zintan) to be pumped back to the Zawiya port (50 km west of Tripoli) and from there it is exported abroad.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Petroleum Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, accused “a group of suspicious gangs, led by the so-called Muhammad Al-Bashir Al-Kharj, have closed the crude pumping valves.”

Al-Kharj, claims that he belongs to the Petroleum Facilities Guard, but he leads a gang of his cousins ​​from the Al-Aqraj tribe in the city of Zintan, and he is wanted for justice.

The Al-Kharj gang did not make specific demands, but the head of the Oil Corporation indicated that it “closed these valves between 2014 and 2016, coinciding with the price boom, and all these indicators confirm that it has suspicious links, driven by hidden hands to drag the country into chaos.”

The Al-Kharj gang’s closure of the oil valves of the El Sharara and Elephant fields provoked American and international discontent, especially since the two fields produce about 30% of the country’s total oil production, and it came at the height of high oil prices and a hot international crisis in Ukraine.

This sparked US and international discontent, as the US envoy to Libya, Ambassador Richard Norland, called for “an end to the oil embargo.”

While the deputy head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Stephanie Williams, expressed concern and dissatisfaction with the closure of oil fields and said that “disruption of oil production deprives all Libyans of their main source of income.”, reported by Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the Unity Government, Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, ordered the joint security operations room to take urgent measures to open the valves of the oil pipeline.

Wagner wields its influence

The disruption of Libyan oil exports represents an opportunity for Russia to pressure the United States and its allies not to go far in boycotting Russian oil because of its negative repercussions on its economy.

The decline in Libyan oil exports puts pressure on global oil prices and goes against Washington’s desire to push oil-producing countries to increase their exports and curb price increases, while it is in the interest of Moscow, which will reap huge profits from high oil prices, and will abort Washington’s desire to stifle Russian exports.

As Europe imports a third of its oil needs from Russia, which produces about 14 percent of global production, and exports 60 percent of it to Europe, so it is difficult for Europe to dispense with Russian oil, unlike the United States, which imports only about 2 percent of Russian oil.

Therefore, it is not excluded that Russia will use its influence on the Libyan oil sector as a pressure card in the face of the Americans and the Europeans in particular.

In this context, Libyan media reported a tweet to Wagner’s assistant president, Maxim Shogali, on the “Telegram” application, in which he expressed his support for the “radical measures” he claimed that the head of the stability government, Fathi Pashaga, had taken to protect the country’s unity and the interests of its citizens, including “closing oil exports.

This means that Wagner supports and encourages the closure of oil exports, especially since most of the export fields and ports are under the control of its ally, Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the eastern Libyan forces.

Russia has taken advantage of the Libyan crisis since 2019, and tried to control the oil sector through the Wagner Company, and the Syrian and African mercenaries under its command, and in 2020, it penetrated the Oil Crescent region and was present in oil fields in the east of the country, especially in the Al-Jufra governorate (central) similar to the Zella oil field.

Wagner also penetrated south, towards the El Sharara and El Feel fields (about 900 km southwest of Tripoli), and tried to impose its influence on the region from the Brak al-Shati base (700 km south of Tripoli), but it found resistance from the Oil Corporation, and even from Western countries, where several are active. European companies in the two fields.

In this regard, the head of the National Oil Corporation said, in 2020, “We will not allow the (Russian) Wagner mercenaries to play a role in the national oil sector.”

Where it was agreed to remove Wagner and foreign mercenaries from the oil fields to resume exports, but the Russian influence is still significant, even if it is hidden behind gangs or local residents, or political and military parties.

While it is in Washington’s interest to continue the flow of Libyan oil to European and global markets, and this will only be done through achieving political and security stability in the country, it is pushing for dialogue between Dabaiba and Bashagha, to end the division.

Washington and its European allies are also behind the international initiative calling for the formation of a joint committee between the House of Representatives and the Supreme State for the preparation of a constitutional basis on which elections will be held as soon as possible, ending the legitimacy crisis and allowing the export of Libyan oil and even increasing it, allowing to proceed with the strategy of abandoning Russian oil. Will Moscow be silent?

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FairPlay Group Emerges As Market Leader in India’s Multi-Faceted Online Sports Platform





Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:

 FairPlay Group, the world’s largest sports exchange, has emerged as the market leader in providing multi-faceted online gaming experiences and updates.


In a country that is fixated with all things sports, particularly cricket, FairPlay Group has successfully become a household name with its multitude of offerings.


The first and most widely visited platform – FairPlay Club offers sports enthusiasts from all around the world the chance to not only enjoy the live streaming of matches but also to make a hefty profit by wagering on the matches alongside. Cricketer Sunil Narine has been the face of the venture.


FairPlay Club, with an active user base of a staggering 2,00,000 is best known for offering the most profitable odds, thus ensuring the heftiest profits a user can make across any competing platform.


With over 30 premium sports, live cards and casino games with real dealers, FairPlay Club members are truly spoilt for choice.


On the other hand, FairPlay News ( has backed many teams across various leagues while bringing to enthusiasts the latest sports news, updates and exclusive player bytes.The latest feather in their cap is the recently launched FairPlay Fantasy ( – a one of a kind fantasy platform where the user can predict the results of an ongoing match. Bollywood celebrities Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor have endorsed this offering from the FairPlay Group.


Fantasy is a sports enthusiast’s paradise where they can explore all the exciting permutations and combinations of individual skills and knowledge.

“Designed and curated by industry veterans,” a FairPlay Group spokesperson said, “The aim was to create an all-inclusive platform where a sports enthusiast can find everything they could imagine under one umbrella.”

The easy-to-use interface of FairPlay Club ( has helped to gain more traction from the users. It also has tutorial videos and elaborate rules and regulations for a debutante.


Offering a hefty 200% first deposit bonus and a range of other promotional bonuses such as the 15% weekly loss back through the IPL 2022, it has locked in the loyalty of its Club members with maximum effect.

FairPlay Group has truly risen to its aim of India’s first and only one-stop destination for all sports enterprises. All the sporting news and updates available on FairPlay News can be accessed on @FairPlay_News, for the exciting offers from FairPlay Club, one can follow @FairPlay_India and for fantasy gaming, enthusiasts can keep a tab on social media’s @FairPlay.Fantasy handle.

About Fairplay Group


FairPlay is India’s most trusted leading betting exchange and a one-stop-shop for all sports betting and leisure gambling needs. The platform provides a wide range of live casino games dealt with by real dealers instead of bots. Under its sports betting umbrella, FairPlay provides Cricket, Tennis, Football and over 30 other premium sports. The users can also enjoy live streaming of matches alongside live scorecards while placing their bets. All safety measures are taken concerning customer data and their transactions and no data are ever shared with a third party by FairPlay.

Website – 

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CATL’s All-scenario Energy Storage Solutions Shine at Ees Europe 2022




MUNICH, May 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, is in the spotlight with its award-winning all-scenario energy storage solutions at the ees Europe 2022, the largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems in Europe, which was held from May 11-13 at Messe München, Munich.

CATL’s cutting-edge products demonstrated at the exhibition cover application scenarios of power generation, power transmission and distribution, and power consumption. EnerOne, the modular outdoor liquid cooling BESS, won this year’s ees AWARD on May 10. Equipped with 280 Ah LFP cells, the flagship product boasts a cycle life of up to 10,000 cycles, featuring long service life, high integration, and high degree of safety. Temperature difference among cells can be controlled within 3 degrees Celsius, a great improvement over industry average of 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. It has a floor space of just 1.69 square meters, 35% less than traditional air cooling products, and is suitable for inverters with operating voltages ranging from 600 to 1,500 volts. Meanwhile, the modular design enables it to adapt to a variety of application scenarios.

To meet the market demand for all-weather energy storage applications, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, desert, ocean, among others, CATL has developed the innovative EnerC, a containerized liquid-cooling battery system. With IP55 and C5 anti-corrosion protection, EnerC is able to meet the requirements of various harsh climatic conditions, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the whole system for 20 years. Empowered by the industry-leading highly-integrated liquid cooling design, its energy density can reach 259.7 kWh per square meter, almost a 200% increase over traditional air cooling systems.

At the power consumption side, EnerU, CATL’s blockbuster for the UPS application, offers a trailblazing solution for the replacement of lead-acid backup batteries with more environment friendly lithium-ion ones. By overcoming the high impedance of LFP materials, EnerU’s 6 C solution achieves high power performance and high degree of safety at the same time. In addition to safety at cell level, EneU further guarantees its safety at system level through mechanical methods and thermal insulation materials. For single cell thermal runaway situation, there is no thermal propagation to adjacent cells.

At ees Europe 2022, CATL also displayed 48100 battery module for base stations, which features small size and light weight. Supported by substantially safe LFP cells and the 3U modular design, the product has greatly improved space utilization and service life. The 48100 base station can house up to 16 battery packs, and the number of packs can be flexibly adjusted to meet the requirements of different system backup time, which makes it compatible with multiple application scenarios.

Aside from showcasing its latest battery products and technologies at its booth B1.440, CATL also shared insights and innovative ideas on the future of energy storage with industry peers at the Intersolar Forum.

The year 2021 sees the leapfrogging development of CATL’s energy storage business as it ranked first in the market share of global energy storage battery production for the first time. CATL has forged partnership with top-tier Chinese energy enterprises including China National Energy, SPIC, China Huadian Corporation, China Three Gorges Group, China Energy Engineering Corporation as well as key international players in the industry such as NextEra, Fluence, Wartsila, Tesla, Powin, Schneider Electric and Eaton, applying its advanced energy storage solutions in major markets including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, etc. In the future, CATL will join forces with more partners to promote energy transition and contribute to global efforts for carbon neutrality.







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Realty Diva Xenia Karamanou Cheers Greece Investment Citizenship and the Golden Visa Scheme




Many investors from different countries are choosing Greece among their favorite European countries in order to acquire a new home via “Greece Investment Citizenship”. Moreover, buyers coming from China, Germany, the USA, and middle-eastern countries especially Lebanon and the UAE have more potential interest in acquiring a new home in the Hellenic Republic. Greece Golden Visa is also an extension to the Greece Investment Citizenship program in the country.

Xenia Karamanou, one of the biggest Real Estate brokers and a prominent face because of her big associations and the deals, has already established a reputable name in the region. Xenia ascertains her work by recasting this competitive industry with her glossy appearance and outstanding personality, Which can be seen on her Instagram page where she has thousands of followers.

According to her, the Hellenic Republic is also known for its Golden Visa scheme, which attracts a large number of people, and one can grab this expression with the residence opportunity by just investing 250,000 euros.

“Investor interest from countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, remains strong, focusing on Villas in Myconos and Athens.”

– Xenia Karamanou.

“We expect prices to advance by about 10 percent in Q1 2023 despite the uncertain conditions,” Xenia noted.

Greece Investment Citizenship

Greece became the second home investment epicenter for European buyers, according to relevant data. Besides real estate investments, many people are also interested in visiting Greece for tourism purposes. In this index, Greece was ranked in the sixth position. Greece is also considered among the most friendly countries in Europe.

The main concern for the real estate market is the energy costs that may force some to either slow down or postpone investing.

Also Read: Greece opens “closed” camp for asylum seekers on Samos island

The new challenges in the real estate market, such as those formed after the war in Ukraine, the increase in energy costs, and the wider inflationary pressures, are at the base of assessments made by experts in the field, regarding the practice of the market.

The country’s infrastructure significantly improves accessibility, in a market where prices are rising but remain low compared to other European countries. Investors have given a vote of confidence to Greek properties, which now compete with homes in countries such as Spain and Italy.

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